March 16, 2022 – In a three day period March 14-16, Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP obtained five noninstitutions, all on the merits, on behalf of its clients Neo Wireless LLC and DivX, LLC.  Three of the noninstitutions were for Neo (IPR2021-01468, -01480, and -01486) and two were for DivX  (IPR2021-01418, -01419).  The L&W Neo team included former partner Bridget Smith, Edward Hsieh, and Kenneth Weatherwax.  The L&W DivX team included Colette Woo, Nathan Lowenstein, and Parham Hendifar.  These five recent wins build upon the seven IPR wins (three complete trial victories and four noninstitutions) L&W obtained earlier this year.  L&W has twelve wins on the year thus far and its two noninstitutions for DivX build upon the seven consecutive trial wins L&W obtained on DivX’s behalf in 2021.