Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP secured its sixth and seventh consecutive trial wins on behalf of its client DivX.  Petitioners Netflix and Hulu challenged claims 1-5, and 12 of DivX’s U.S. patent 9,270,720, and claims 1-6, 8-10, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 19 of DivX’s U.S. patent 9,998,515.  After full trials, the Board issued separate decisions upholding the patentability of all challenged claims of the ’720 patent as well as claims 1-6, 8-10, 13, and 14 of the ’515 patent.  The cases were co-tried by L&W’s Patrick Maloney and Ken Weatherwax.  L&W’s Bridget Smith also made significant contributions to these cases. The Board’s September 27, 2021 decisions may be accessed here (’720 patent) and here (’515 patent).