Lowenstein & Weatherwax founding partner, Nate Lowenstein, was recognized by the Daily Journal as being a 2019 Top IP Lawyer. The list honors the 75 California lawyers who had the biggest impact in the intellectual property field in 2019. Lowenstein (40) was among the very youngest attorneys selected and one of only two attorneys identified as specializing in inter partes review (IPR) litigation. Lowenstein & Weatherwax, with only ten lawyers, was far and away the smallest law firm to have an honoree.

Lowenstein was recognized for being de-facto lead counsel in over 50 IPR matters while being yet to have a case in which every claim-at-issue in litigation has been cancelled. Lowenstein’s success is in accord with the firm’s success as a whole as in September 2018, Lowenstein & Weatherwax was identified as the law firm having the highest success rate out of more than 1,100 law firms for the period 2013-2018.

The Daily Journal’s profile also noted that Lowenstein & Weatherwax’s cases are almost always against many of the largest companies in the world who, in turn, are represented by many of the largest, most well-known law firms in the country.

“While I was the one who happened to be honored, we win as a team and my success is directable attributable to the extraordinary efforts of my partner Ken Weatherwax and to each and every one of our colleagues. We’re a small firm, but we’re focused and we’re in it to win.”