Kenneth Weatherwax, co-managing partner at Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP, was quoted in an August 6, 2020 article by Matthew Bultman at Bloomberg Law regarding the role federal juries play in determining infringement in cases involving patents that are allegedly essential to practicing an industry standard, known as “standard-essential” patents. Such suits are a widespread feature of patent litigation, and the article described a recent decision by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejecting the argument that judges, not juries, should determine whether such patents are infringed when the proof offered for infringement involves a showing that the accused entities practice an industry standard and that practicing the patent is essential to practicing the standard. The article quoted Mr. Weatherwax’s observation that implementers of standards accused of infringement have been pursuing various strategies attempting to “tamp down” on such standards-based infringement suits. The article may be accessed (subscription required) at this link.