Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP, one of the leading patent trial office litigation firms in the country, received four IPR trial wins on behalf of one client and a victory on appeal on behalf of another, all of which had been argued within a 15 day period in November 2019.  Across the four IPRs, the validity of three patents was challenged.  In two of the cases, decided February 10th and 12th, respectively, a complete win was obtained as no challenged claims were found to be unpatentable.  The two other IPR cases, decided February 6th, were both directed towards a single patent, and a majority of the challenged claims (6 of 11) were preserved (i.e., not found to be unpatentable).

The four decisions followed trials before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board that were argued on November 12 and November 19.  On November 4, L&W also successfully argued an appeal to the Federal Circuit who affirmed L&W’s complete IPR in another case.  All five cases were argued by L&W’s founding partner Nathan Lowenstein who, notably, had to argue the five different cases just over a month after his son was born on October 2.  Lowenstein said, “we are thrilled to have achieved such good results for our clients.  With my son having just been born, it was not easy, to say the least, but, I was fortunate to have the tremendous support of my firm on the work front, and my family on the home front to get everything done.”