L&W identified as amongst the most active and best performing IPR firms in the country. Out of 835 firms, L&W was identified as the fifth most active and 16th best performing law firm representing patent owners for the period 2018-2023.  L&W has represented patent owners in 317 IPRs and CBMs to date

L&W secures Federal Circuit victory.  L&W successfully defended its complete IPR trial victory on behalf of its client Sound View Innovations, LLC in challenges brought by DISH and Sling TV.  L&W’s team was led by Parham Hendifar, Nathan Lowenstein, and Kenneth Weatherwax.  L&W has represented patent owners in 59 Federal Circuit matters to date.

L&W Secures Complete Wins For Neonode.  L&W obtained two complete IPR wins on behalf of Neonode Wireless in challenges brought by Google, Apple and Samsung.  The L&W team was led by Nathan Lowenstein and Parham Hendifar.

L&W achieves denial of institution on three petitions on behalf of Neo Wireless LLC.  The L&W team included Kenneth Weatherwax, Parham Hendifar, and Robert Pistone.

L&W obtains four wins on behalf of Aortic Innovations LLC.  L&W obtained two complete final written decision wins, a third partial win, and a noninstitution on behalf of Aortic in challenges brought by Edwards Lifesciences.  L&W team included Nathan Lowenstein and Colette Woo.

L&W achieves complete IPR win for Smart Mobile Technologies, LLC.  The Board confirmed all challenged claims in IPR2022-01002.  The L&W team was led by Parham Hendifar.

L&W successfully defends claims on behalf of Uniloc.  L&W successfully reversed the rejection of several claims in an appeal of an ex parte reexamination.  The L&W team was led by Kenneth Weatherwax and Colette Woo.