Lowenstein & Weatherwax successfully obtained the dismissal of 12 different Federal Circuit appeals brought by Intel Corporation on behalf of L&W’s client VLSI Technology LLC.  Intel appealed 12 IPR noninstitution decisions also obtained by L&W challenging six different VLSI patents, including two patents that were the subject of a $2.18 billion jury verdict.  The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit granted VLSI’s motions to dismiss the 12 appeals for want of jurisdiction and further rejected Intel’s requests for mandamus relief.  The case numbers are 2021-1614, -1616, -1617, -1673, -1674, -1675, -1676, 1677, -1738, -1739, -1740, and -1741.

The L&W team on these appeals included Nathan Lowenstein, Kenneth Weatherwax, and Jason Linger and builds upon L&W’s prior success on behalf of VLSI against Intel.   L&W has thus far defended VLSI patents in 24 IPR proceedings brought by Intel and has obtained 13 non-institution decisions and four trial wins on behalf of VLSI.  L&W has also achieved a complete victory in all 14 Federal Circuit appeals brought by Intel stemming from these matters.  The L&W team representing VLSI in connection with these matters includes Nathan Lowenstein, Ken Weatherwax, Bridget Smith, Gregory Smith, Jonathan Steinberg, Parham Hendifar, Edward Hsieh, Flavio Rose, Jason Linger, and Patrick Maloney.

Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP is one of the top PTAB litigation firms in the country. In its first eight years, L&W has represented clients in well over 200 IPRs/CBMs before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board. Lowenstein & Weatherwax is consistently ranked amongst the top firms representing patent owners in the country. Lowenstein & Weatherwax also has a thriving appellate practice.