Success in appeals requires experienced, sophisticated legal counsel; careful identification of critical substantive issues for review; understanding and coordination of issues with other ongoing matters; and, when needed, rapid response and pursuit of relief.  L&W LLP’s attorneys have a thriving practice representing clients at every level of appeal, including recent matters before the United States Supreme Court (including Kimble v. Marvel Entertainment, in which we took on the case after adverse decisions in the district court and court of appeals, successfully petitioned for certiorari over the opposition of the United States, and argued the case for petitioners in March 2015); the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth and Federal Circuits; and the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board. 

Collectively, L&W LLP’s attorneys have decades of successful experience in federal and state appellate courts and agencies, comprising hundreds of appellate briefs; party and amicus representation; multi-million dollar matters; patent, licensing, contract and antitrust issues; and motion and mandamus practice including stays and other temporary and emergency relief.  

Nathan Lowenstein
Roman Melnik
Flavio Rose
Kenneth Weatherwax